What’s it Like to Hook up with Bisexuals

People tend to make sexuality a big thing – which it is. However, beyond the sexual preferences, there’s a human who’s much like everyone else, and yet isn’t. He or she has his own quirks, individualities, personal life experiences, past and present that’ve shaped them. 

Pigeonholing a person, therefore, as a mere bisexual, is giving yourself the wrong idea. 

The dating experience will vary from person to person, no matter the sexual orientation. You have to make an effort to give yourself a chance at making things work.

There are, despite these realities, some unique experiences you’re only bound to have with bisexual men and women. 

So, what is it “Real” like to hook up with bisexuals? Well, let’s find out

You will have to Iron out any Doubts and Confusions

Yes, it seems evident that when you’re dating someone, you have to understand their likes and dislikes, and the whole nine yards. 

However, it’s not that simple when it comes to dating a bisexual. 

Many people have an outdated concept of bisexuality. They merely think that it’s as simple as being attracted to both men and women. This is a grave misconception proliferated by those who are unwilling to understand the nuances of this fascinating sexual attraction. 

For every bisexual individual, bisexuality means an entirely different thing. Some of them aren’t necessarily bisexual all the time, and some aren’t bisexual to the same degree. Hell, some aren’t even bisexual in the same way, either. 

So, before you date a bisexual, make sure that you sit down and iron out their definition of bisexuality. 

Bisexuals can’t just become Unisexual at your Command. 

  Yes, just like a straight person can’t turn off his attraction for others, a bisexual can’t either. And you expecting a bisexual to is completely and utterly wrong. It’s like telling them to cage themselves in their bodies and getting some twisted and draconian bisexual therapy. So, please don’t. 

What you can do is sit down with them and figure out what’s acceptable in your relationship. This is what ordinary people do, and it’s the only right way of dating a bisexual. 

Dating should be a liberating experience. It should give you ample opportunity to experiment with your sexuality and get a better understanding of its sophistication. If it’s not doing this, it’s pointless. You better get a cat or a bunch of them. 

In the End, Bisexuals are just People

Back to my initial point. Treat bisexuals as people, with their weirdness and their different straits and dispositions. Muster the vision to look beyond their sexualities and always be fascinatingly curious about the world they inhabit within them. What storms they have weathered and how they’ve become the person they are today. 

When you develop this sort of empathy, it won’t matter if the other person is a bisexual, Trans, or even an asexual. Things will work. 

Kindness and a bit of curiosity can convert strangers into devoted lovers. 

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