What can we do with the syphilis epidemic faced by bisexual men

Jonathan Mermin
Jonathan Mermin

According to related research, bisexual men and gay men in Georgia are 33 times more likely to suffer from syphilis than other states, making Georgia a serious sexually transmitted disease problem.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the reduction in the use of condoms in bisexual men is a significant cause of the increased rate of syphilis transmission. Jonathan Mermin, head of the department, said sexually transmitted diseases would cost the fragile LGBT population a high price.

The average rate of new syphilis and secondary syphilis infections in the United States is 10.8 casers per 100,000 people. But for gay and bisexual in Georgia, the number is surprising, with 516 casers out of 100,000 people, ranking ninth in the nation. This means that bisexual in eight continents faces a more severe problem of syphilis. Among them, Mississippi has the highest incidence, followed by Nevada.

Jonathan Mermin said in a statement: “Preventing sexual transmission will improve the overall health of the country and prevent HIV and infant death.”

According to PMC data, the average cost of syphilis treatment is $572, and the lifetime cost of AIDS is up to $1 million. The US government needs to pay $2 billion in medical expenses for sexually transmitted diseases every year. The cost of treatment for syphilis later will be prohibitive, which puts the bisexual with the highest poverty rate into a more severe economic problem.

According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 70 out of every 100 people infected with syphilis are gay men and bisexual men.

To get more support, we think bisexual men need to learn how to prevent syphilis; we do not hope that in the future, “syphilis” will be the label of bisexual men.

First: use a condom

Condoms are useful in isolating viruses, including syphilis and AIDS. Don’t let yourself fall into the double torture of money and spirit because of the pleasure of a moment.

Proactively ask each other’s medical history

When using a bisexual website, take the initiative to ask if the other person has a sexually transmitted disease experience. This may be a bit rude, but it can bring you a safe and secure date.

Rejecting selfish requests

Most bisexual syphilis is caused by the face and accepts the other person’s sex without wearing a condom. What should I do in this situation? Immediately stop this sexual activity and show your position. For those selfish partners, you should reject and stay away from him.

Regular medical examination

Although you have done a lot of safety protection measures, there is still a possibility of being sick of 1%. A physical exam can make you clear mycoplasma virus, syphilis, etc., and kill sexually transmitted diseases in the cradle.

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