Reasons why bisexual men are scarce

Confused bisexual man
Confused bisexual man

The debate surrounding the authenticity of climate change rages. While the minority considers its existence a myth, the majority has ramped up the support in its favor. So, why hasn’t the same support been extended to eradicate the myth of “oh, there’s no such thing as a bisexual man”? Why are bisexual men still hiding in the closet? Why are they still persistently making themselves scarce?

Well, the reason they’re the Clark Kent’s of our society, the reason they’ve put on the masquerade of the “straight man” are manifold. Society’s ignorance is among the top. However, that’s just part of the story.
The rest we’re going to outline below, so put your reading glasses on.

Reasons behind the Scarcity of Bisexual men

Wrong Perceptions and Outdated Myths

According to a study conducted by Indiana University, 43% of men are still afraid to have sex with bisexual men. Why? Because they still believe in the outdated myth of the Great AIDS age: the possibility of getting HIV is doubled with bisexual men. 

When are we going to get out of these perceptions as a society? The question still looms over our conscience like a big grey cloud. We hope we get to see the sun of sanity soon. 

High Levels of Mental Health problems

Bisexual men are plagued with a lot of mental health problems, conceived and primarily aggravated by the constant neglect of their sexualities. 

According to this Journal of Public health, the suicide attempt rates within the bisexual community are alarmingly high. This is primarily due to their reluctance to come out and share their “bisexual problems” with their colleagues and mental health professionals because of the constant fear of social abashment. 

We need to do more as a society to help bisexual men come out and seek help. 

Lack of Acceptance within their community

The LGBT community has more bisexual women at the helm than men. This often leads to bisexual men being sidelined and not given the same importance as their counterparts. 

According to the daily beast, there is rampant discrimination within the LGBT community, predominately cannoned towards bisexual men. How are bisexual men going to get the support they deserve when they’re marginalized and harassed in their communities?

Horrifying Abuse on Dating Apps

Bisexual men are subjected to horrendous abuse on dating apps. They’re often labelled as whores and sluts, open to experimenting around with anyone. This shores up negative sentiments of self-hatred in their psyche and creates further problems for them in the relationships they do have. 

This problem has been addressed in recent times, and more and more dating apps have been designed to cater to bisexual men and women exclusively. Some of the most popular bisexual dating apps, with meticulous safeguards against online harassment, are Bicupid and OkCupid.

So, what do you think why bisexual men are consistently scarce in our societies? Is it just that they’re born less, or are the other reasons that have forced them the fundamental human right of their identities? What are your views? 

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