How to Satisfy Bisexual Women?

bisexual women in bed

When it comes to satisfying women, only a few seem to be able to get it right. The list gets even smaller, and considerably so when it comes to bisexual women.

However, the myths surrounding bisexual women are just that: myths. Bisexual women are no different from any other straight or gay woman, and bisexual hookups are no different from any other connections. The critical thing to remember in bisexual hookups or relationships with bisexual women has more to do with the fact that they’re a woman than their sexuality.

The key to satisfying bisexual women is no only in the bed, but also to be focusing more on the emotional aspect of any relationship. Relationships with bisexual women are no different.

Here are four easy ways that’ll enhance your bisexual hookup/relationship experience and keep your woman satisfied.

Acknowledge the Fact that She’s Bi and Respects It.

Bi invisibility is a huge problem, not only in the mainstream world, but also in the LGBTQ community as well. While the B in LGBTQ stands for Bi, it often remains forgotten and even misunderstood.

If you’re with a bisexual woman, acknowledge that her sexuality is valid and make sure she knows that’s what you think too. However, please don’t overdo it for the bisexual hookup experience.

You don’t only need to acknowledge the validity of her sexuality, and you need to believe it too. Do not tell her that it’s a phase, or assume that she’s straight or gay (depending on whether she’s with a man or a woman). Being with a man will not make a bisexual woman straight, nor will dating a girl make her a lesbian. Regardless of whatever sex group she’s choosing to date, she will remain bisexual. You need to understand and respect this. Please do not contribute to erasing her identity, help her build it.

Build Trust with Your Partner

When you’re dating a bisexual woman, you should not be worried about loyalty. Regardless of her being attracted to multiple genders, if a bisexual woman is with you, that means that she is with you.

It would help if you did not let the fear of her getting attracted overcome you. Do not let jealousy come in the way. Learn to build trust with your bisexual partner, just like you would while dating someone of any other sexuality. Being bisexual does not mean that’ll she’ll cheat on you. Do not let paranoia get in the way and treat this relationship like any other.

Please get to Know Her.

You might be confused about bisexuality, and that’s okay. Asking questions, as long as they’re respectful, is okay. Get to know your partner and understand her sexuality by asking her about her thoughts and experiences. Don’t be rude in asking questions, but that doesn’t mean you should be afraid to ask any. Chances are, she’ll take this as a serious interest and commitment to the relationship from your side.

Treat Her Like a Person; She’s more than Her Sexuality.


Perhaps an essential thing that will lead to a happy relationship is normality. Treat your bisexual partner like a normal woman. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make her feel special; just that bisexuality shouldn’t always have to do with it.

She’s much more than her sexuality. Ask her about her dreams and passions. Could you get to know her as a person? Remember she’s the person you like (or even love), not just a bisexual woman. Satisfy women in any relationship, and this one isn’t any different.

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