How To Identify Bisexual Hookup Scam

With the rise of social networking and dating sites, more and more bisexuals have joined this big family. At the same time, scammers are also advancing with the times, flooding into dating sites or dating apps. For the masters of dating sites, the tricks of these scammers may not be able to fool them. However, many mentally vulnerable people have become targets of scammers, including the elderly, widowed, single girls, and so on.

Bisexual more likely to be deceived than heterosexual The most crucial reason is that bisexual is attracted to both men and women. In other words, scammers can seduce all users by requiring only a logically rigorous profile on the bisexual hookup website. The second is that bisexual seems to have more sexual desire. Sexual desire can always make people ignore rationality.

In 2019, Scam statistics recorded a fraud amount of $95,650,063. To protect bisexual property and personal safety, we list the characteristics of the following scammers.

1. Seductive profile

Seductive profile

First, scammers often use a lot of beautiful and fascinating photos, and their names are false. In the text of About Me, you will find that the other person’s work is rare in life.

2. Expressing crazy emotions to you

Scammers will share “personal information” with you, including hard work and impressive colleagues. They try to gain your trust in the short term. Every time you share on the app, they will “like” and comment.

3. Seek other contact methods

scammer in skype

To avoid official deletion of the account, scammers will seek out other social contact information, including personal email, Skype, Whatsapp, and Facebook.

4. Can’t face-to-face mobile video chat

Scammer on bisexual hook up site

When you want to develop further relationships through video chat, the other person always rejects you with various excuses. The general reason is that the foreign mobile phone signal is not good; it is not convenient to take a bath. Anyway, you can’t see each other’s actual look.

5. They want to see you, but there is always something going on.

What the online scammers have in common is that they always want to meet with you, but they always cancel their appointments when the time is right.
Their real identity is not what they claim, and it may be a wretched heterosexual behind. Some savvy scammers will also fake tickets so that you are convinced that there is an emergency and you cannot meet.

6. Need your money

A liar may take 2-3 months to become your online companion, and the romantic relationship becomes the basis for them to ask for money from you. Usually, they will seek your financial sponsorship if you are sick and need expensive surgery and can’t afford to travel.

In either case, as long as you encounter it, you need to raise your awareness of prevention. Learning how to identify scammers will make you a smooth ride on the bisexual hookup website.

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