Bisexual is more vulnerable in today’s medical environment

bisexual in hospital

Bisexuality and bi-curious are essential components of the LGBT+ community today, and according to research, they account for more than half of the population. Although bi people represent the majority of the LGBT community, bisexual often faces Erasure of Bisexual. In the LGBT community in Reddit, the repulsion of bisexual users by Gays or Lesbians is very common. Bisexual’s sexual identity is challenging to get affirmation from people around, even being questioned by them, insulting and so on.

Eliminating the ubiquity of bisexuality leads to a lack of social belonging in bisexuality or a psychological problem related to alienation. The most devastating consequence is the decline in the physical and mental health of bisexuals. The following data is worth pondering:

  • Heterosexual students have considered suicidal proportions of 12%, Gays are 30%, and bisexuality has a high ratio of 40%. This means that nearly half of the bisexuals have a psychological disorder that tends to commit suicide.The odds of bisexual affection are 1.5 times the social average.
  • The risk of bisexual heart disease is much higher than the risk of heterosexual illness.
  • Bisexual men are 33 times more likely to have sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis than heterosexuals.

There are still many such health differences, so I will not list them one by one. However, most notably, Bi people may be subject to Microaggressions while enjoying medical services due to inadequate medical systems, research, and training.

what is Microaggressions

Microaggressions are subtle comments or gestures that, whether intentional or unintentional, express negative, unfriendly information to vulnerable groups. Microaggressions harm bisexuals or other marginalized groups in a variety of ways. And the higher the frequency of Microaggressions, the higher the damage to society; besides, Microaggressions are ubiquitous in social service organizations, including governments, hospitals, and other public service agencies.

Examples and hazards of Microaggressions

lgbt in hospital

Attackers often take advantage of social stereotypes and prejudice against bisexuality. For example, the following concepts: bisexuality is only a “staged” identity; multiple sexes believe that bisexuality is not monogamous and mixed; bisexuals are homosexuals who do not dare to come out, and so on. Language and behavioral violations of bi-curious or bisexual people are based on these decaying ideas, although they may not be intentional. Language and behavioral violations of bi curious or bisexual people based on these decaying ideas, although they may not be intentional, such as:

  • Ask if bisexuals are willing to have a threesome
  • Use “gay” when introducing bi people to others.
  • Think bi people are keen on the polamory relationship.

In medical care, this kind of microaggression is very harmful, because to get good medical results, not only trust your doctor or health care provider, but also depends on the true thinking of the medical provider.
The following is a conversation between a friend and a physician:

  • Physician: When was your recent sex life, madam?
  • Patient: About the end of last month.
  • Doctor: What method do you take for contraception?
  • Patient: Should not be pregnant.
  • Doctor: No one method is 100% safe, whether it is a birth control pill or a condom.

In this case, the doctor usually assumes that you are a heterosexual and therefore provide you with the appropriate medical services. In the doctor’s subconscious, your partner should be different from your gender. In this way, the doctor’s sneaky bisexual patients have implemented microaggression. This will bring the patient a burden of thought and promote the health differentiation of the vulnerable groups. Even more furious is that a 24-year-old bisexual man was selected for an alarm after homosexual rape. The police station first suspected that he was raped by a woman and was ridiculed by the police. The victim who was originally sexually assaulted did not enjoy social support and legal aid, but instead caused the man to develop depression.

When Bisexual patients suffer from Microaggressions and misunderstandings, they begin to contradict medical care. When a patient does not start health care, their health will receive further damage.

According to a survey by, 39% of bisexual men and 33% of bisexual women choose not to disclose their sexual orientation to doctors; then, in homosexuality, this percentage is only 10%. Maintaining open communication with healthcare providers is an essential prerequisite for achieving therapeutic results. Therefore, many Bi people missed the best treatment opportunity because of anxiety.

Various reasons have led the current hospitals and other institutions to pay attention to the mental health of LGBT people and understand the serious harm caused by Microaggressions.

Nowadays, more and more medical institutions are beginning to train LGBT+, which increases the tolerance of staff to marginalized people. Some hospitals gradually posted posters about bisexuality in the hall, showing their openness and care to bisexuality.

To provide optimal care for twin patients, healthcare providers should spend time educating themselves about the reality of bisexuality and the prejudice they may have (even if it is implicit). This can help them overcome the anti-double stereotypes that lead to micro-aggression in the clinic. When they are unsure of the patient’s sexual orientation/sex partner’s gender, the medical staff begins to use a language without gender. These initiatives allow Bi patients to trust medical staff to focus on disease treatment unconditionally.

What can we do?

As a bisexual website, we hope that all bisexual users can fulfill the following requirements:

Does not exclude and discredit vulnerable groups

Regardless of the gender or extraordinary enthusiasm of others, do not make any evaluations and actions to express your inner curiosity. Remember, respect others, and others will respect bisexuals.

Seek a psychiatrist treatment, if there is psychological pressure

If you have been confused for a long time, have no motivation to learn and live, and even thought about suicide. Please contact a psychiatrist for emotional help. Psychotherapy can bring you a miracle.

Confess your sexual orientation to the doctor

If the doctor has asked about your sexual orientation, the first time it is revealed because the doctor is trying to get you better treatment. Remember, doctors, don’t care about your personal affairs.

As the administrator of the website, I am also an ordinary bisexual. I am willing to share with you the secret of keeping me happy, willing to listen to your anxiety and pain, and help you solve the problems of emotion, study and work.

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