What’s it Like to Hook up with Bisexuals

People tend to make sexuality a big thing – which it is. However, beyond the sexual preferences, there’s a human who’s much like everyone else, and yet isn’t. He or she has his own quirks, individualities, personal life experiences, past and present that’ve shaped them. 

Pigeonholing a person, therefore, as a mere bisexual, is giving yourself the wrong idea. 

The dating experience will vary from person to person, no matter the sexual orientation. You have to make an effort to give yourself a chance at making things work.

There are, despite these realities, some unique experiences you’re only bound to have with bisexual men and women. 

So, what is it “Real” like to hook up with bisexuals? Well, let’s find out

You will have to Iron out any Doubts and Confusions

Yes, it seems evident that when you’re dating someone, you have to understand their likes and dislikes, and the whole nine yards. 

However, it’s not that simple when it comes to dating a bisexual. 

Many people have an outdated concept of bisexuality. They merely think that it’s as simple as being attracted to both men and women. This is a grave misconception proliferated by those who are unwilling to understand the nuances of this fascinating sexual attraction. 

For every bisexual individual, bisexuality means an entirely different thing. Some of them aren’t necessarily bisexual all the time, and some aren’t bisexual to the same degree. Hell, some aren’t even bisexual in the same way, either. 

So, before you date a bisexual, make sure that you sit down and iron out their definition of bisexuality. 

Bisexuals can’t just become Unisexual at your Command. 

  Yes, just like a straight person can’t turn off his attraction for others, a bisexual can’t either. And you expecting a bisexual to is completely and utterly wrong. It’s like telling them to cage themselves in their bodies and getting some twisted and draconian bisexual therapy. So, please don’t. 

What you can do is sit down with them and figure out what’s acceptable in your relationship. This is what ordinary people do, and it’s the only right way of dating a bisexual. 

Dating should be a liberating experience. It should give you ample opportunity to experiment with your sexuality and get a better understanding of its sophistication. If it’s not doing this, it’s pointless. You better get a cat or a bunch of them. 

In the End, Bisexuals are just People

Back to my initial point. Treat bisexuals as people, with their weirdness and their different straits and dispositions. Muster the vision to look beyond their sexualities and always be fascinatingly curious about the world they inhabit within them. What storms they have weathered and how they’ve become the person they are today. 

When you develop this sort of empathy, it won’t matter if the other person is a bisexual, Trans, or even an asexual. Things will work. 

Kindness and a bit of curiosity can convert strangers into devoted lovers. 

Bisexual is more vulnerable in today’s medical environment

bisexual in hospital

Bisexuality and bi-curious are essential components of the LGBT+ community today, and according to research, they account for more than half of the population. Although bi people represent the majority of the LGBT community, bisexual often faces Erasure of Bisexual. In the LGBT community in Reddit, the repulsion of bisexual users by Gays or Lesbians is very common. Bisexual’s sexual identity is challenging to get affirmation from people around, even being questioned by them, insulting and so on.

Eliminating the ubiquity of bisexuality leads to a lack of social belonging in bisexuality or a psychological problem related to alienation. The most devastating consequence is the decline in the physical and mental health of bisexuals. The following data is worth pondering:

  • Heterosexual students have considered suicidal proportions of 12%, Gays are 30%, and bisexuality has a high ratio of 40%. This means that nearly half of the bisexuals have a psychological disorder that tends to commit suicide.The odds of bisexual affection are 1.5 times the social average.
  • The risk of bisexual heart disease is much higher than the risk of heterosexual illness.
  • Bisexual men are 33 times more likely to have sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis than heterosexuals.

There are still many such health differences, so I will not list them one by one. However, most notably, Bi people may be subject to Microaggressions while enjoying medical services due to inadequate medical systems, research, and training.

what is Microaggressions

Microaggressions are subtle comments or gestures that, whether intentional or unintentional, express negative, unfriendly information to vulnerable groups. Microaggressions harm bisexuals or other marginalized groups in a variety of ways. And the higher the frequency of Microaggressions, the higher the damage to society; besides, Microaggressions are ubiquitous in social service organizations, including governments, hospitals, and other public service agencies.

Examples and hazards of Microaggressions

lgbt in hospital

Attackers often take advantage of social stereotypes and prejudice against bisexuality. For example, the following concepts: bisexuality is only a “staged” identity; multiple sexes believe that bisexuality is not monogamous and mixed; bisexuals are homosexuals who do not dare to come out, and so on. Language and behavioral violations of bi-curious or bisexual people are based on these decaying ideas, although they may not be intentional. Language and behavioral violations of bi curious or bisexual people based on these decaying ideas, although they may not be intentional, such as:

  • Ask if bisexuals are willing to have a threesome
  • Use “gay” when introducing bi people to others.
  • Think bi people are keen on the polamory relationship.

In medical care, this kind of microaggression is very harmful, because to get good medical results, not only trust your doctor or health care provider, but also depends on the true thinking of the medical provider.
The following is a conversation between a friend and a physician:

  • Physician: When was your recent sex life, madam?
  • Patient: About the end of last month.
  • Doctor: What method do you take for contraception?
  • Patient: Should not be pregnant.
  • Doctor: No one method is 100% safe, whether it is a birth control pill or a condom.

In this case, the doctor usually assumes that you are a heterosexual and therefore provide you with the appropriate medical services. In the doctor’s subconscious, your partner should be different from your gender. In this way, the doctor’s sneaky bisexual patients have implemented microaggression. This will bring the patient a burden of thought and promote the health differentiation of the vulnerable groups. Even more furious is that a 24-year-old bisexual man was selected for an alarm after homosexual rape. The police station first suspected that he was raped by a woman and was ridiculed by the police. The victim who was originally sexually assaulted did not enjoy social support and legal aid, but instead caused the man to develop depression.

When Bisexual patients suffer from Microaggressions and misunderstandings, they begin to contradict medical care. When a patient does not start health care, their health will receive further damage.

According to a survey by hrc.org, 39% of bisexual men and 33% of bisexual women choose not to disclose their sexual orientation to doctors; then, in homosexuality, this percentage is only 10%. Maintaining open communication with healthcare providers is an essential prerequisite for achieving therapeutic results. Therefore, many Bi people missed the best treatment opportunity because of anxiety.

Various reasons have led the current hospitals and other institutions to pay attention to the mental health of LGBT people and understand the serious harm caused by Microaggressions.

Nowadays, more and more medical institutions are beginning to train LGBT+, which increases the tolerance of staff to marginalized people. Some hospitals gradually posted posters about bisexuality in the hall, showing their openness and care to bisexuality.

To provide optimal care for twin patients, healthcare providers should spend time educating themselves about the reality of bisexuality and the prejudice they may have (even if it is implicit). This can help them overcome the anti-double stereotypes that lead to micro-aggression in the clinic. When they are unsure of the patient’s sexual orientation/sex partner’s gender, the medical staff begins to use a language without gender. These initiatives allow Bi patients to trust medical staff to focus on disease treatment unconditionally.

What can we do?

As a bisexual website, we hope that all bisexual users can fulfill the following requirements:

Does not exclude and discredit vulnerable groups

Regardless of the gender or extraordinary enthusiasm of others, do not make any evaluations and actions to express your inner curiosity. Remember, respect others, and others will respect bisexuals.

Seek a psychiatrist treatment, if there is psychological pressure

If you have been confused for a long time, have no motivation to learn and live, and even thought about suicide. Please contact a psychiatrist for emotional help. Psychotherapy can bring you a miracle.

Confess your sexual orientation to the doctor

If the doctor has asked about your sexual orientation, the first time it is revealed because the doctor is trying to get you better treatment. Remember, doctors, don’t care about your personal affairs.

As the administrator of the website, I am also an ordinary bisexual. I am willing to share with you the secret of keeping me happy, willing to listen to your anxiety and pain, and help you solve the problems of emotion, study and work.

Reasons why bisexual men are scarce

Confused bisexual man
Confused bisexual man

The debate surrounding the authenticity of climate change rages. While the minority considers its existence a myth, the majority has ramped up the support in its favor. So, why hasn’t the same support been extended to eradicate the myth of “oh, there’s no such thing as a bisexual man”? Why are bisexual men still hiding in the closet? Why are they still persistently making themselves scarce?

Well, the reason they’re the Clark Kent’s of our society, the reason they’ve put on the masquerade of the “straight man” are manifold. Society’s ignorance is among the top. However, that’s just part of the story.
The rest we’re going to outline below, so put your reading glasses on.

Reasons behind the Scarcity of Bisexual men

Wrong Perceptions and Outdated Myths

According to a study conducted by Indiana University, 43% of men are still afraid to have sex with bisexual men. Why? Because they still believe in the outdated myth of the Great AIDS age: the possibility of getting HIV is doubled with bisexual men. 

When are we going to get out of these perceptions as a society? The question still looms over our conscience like a big grey cloud. We hope we get to see the sun of sanity soon. 

High Levels of Mental Health problems

Bisexual men are plagued with a lot of mental health problems, conceived and primarily aggravated by the constant neglect of their sexualities. 

According to this Journal of Public health, the suicide attempt rates within the bisexual community are alarmingly high. This is primarily due to their reluctance to come out and share their “bisexual problems” with their colleagues and mental health professionals because of the constant fear of social abashment. 

We need to do more as a society to help bisexual men come out and seek help. 

Lack of Acceptance within their community

The LGBT community has more bisexual women at the helm than men. This often leads to bisexual men being sidelined and not given the same importance as their counterparts. 

According to the daily beast, there is rampant discrimination within the LGBT community, predominately cannoned towards bisexual men. How are bisexual men going to get the support they deserve when they’re marginalized and harassed in their communities?

Horrifying Abuse on Dating Apps

Bisexual men are subjected to horrendous abuse on dating apps. They’re often labelled as whores and sluts, open to experimenting around with anyone. This shores up negative sentiments of self-hatred in their psyche and creates further problems for them in the relationships they do have. 

This problem has been addressed in recent times, and more and more dating apps have been designed to cater to bisexual men and women exclusively. Some of the most popular bisexual dating apps, with meticulous safeguards against online harassment, are Bicupid and OkCupid.

So, what do you think why bisexual men are consistently scarce in our societies? Is it just that they’re born less, or are the other reasons that have forced them the fundamental human right of their identities? What are your views? 

What can we do with the syphilis epidemic faced by bisexual men

Jonathan Mermin
Jonathan Mermin

According to related research, bisexual men and gay men in Georgia are 33 times more likely to suffer from syphilis than other states, making Georgia a serious sexually transmitted disease problem.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the reduction in the use of condoms in bisexual men is a significant cause of the increased rate of syphilis transmission. Jonathan Mermin, head of the department, said sexually transmitted diseases would cost the fragile LGBT population a high price.

The average rate of new syphilis and secondary syphilis infections in the United States is 10.8 casers per 100,000 people. But for gay and bisexual in Georgia, the number is surprising, with 516 casers out of 100,000 people, ranking ninth in the nation. This means that bisexual in eight continents faces a more severe problem of syphilis. Among them, Mississippi has the highest incidence, followed by Nevada.

Jonathan Mermin said in a statement: “Preventing sexual transmission will improve the overall health of the country and prevent HIV and infant death.”

According to PMC data, the average cost of syphilis treatment is $572, and the lifetime cost of AIDS is up to $1 million. The US government needs to pay $2 billion in medical expenses for sexually transmitted diseases every year. The cost of treatment for syphilis later will be prohibitive, which puts the bisexual with the highest poverty rate into a more severe economic problem.

According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 70 out of every 100 people infected with syphilis are gay men and bisexual men.

To get more support, we think bisexual men need to learn how to prevent syphilis; we do not hope that in the future, “syphilis” will be the label of bisexual men.

First: use a condom

Condoms are useful in isolating viruses, including syphilis and AIDS. Don’t let yourself fall into the double torture of money and spirit because of the pleasure of a moment.

Proactively ask each other’s medical history

When using a bisexual website, take the initiative to ask if the other person has a sexually transmitted disease experience. This may be a bit rude, but it can bring you a safe and secure date.

Rejecting selfish requests

Most bisexual syphilis is caused by the face and accepts the other person’s sex without wearing a condom. What should I do in this situation? Immediately stop this sexual activity and show your position. For those selfish partners, you should reject and stay away from him.

Regular medical examination

Although you have done a lot of safety protection measures, there is still a possibility of being sick of 1%. A physical exam can make you clear mycoplasma virus, syphilis, etc., and kill sexually transmitted diseases in the cradle.

How to Set Up a Good Bisexual Dating Profile

Perhaps you have tried going to parties, weddings, or any other social gatherings, thinking that you might finally meet your bisexual partner on those occasions but to no avail. However, it would be best if you did not get discouraged because you can always try your luck when you join an online bisexual dating platform. Follow the tips for creating a good profile.

Create a lasting first impression

Always keep in mind that the first things people get to read and see on your profile will have a considerable impact. Remember that your profile is not the only profile in the online dating world, which means there could be profiles that are better or worse than yours. Your goal should be to create a lasting impression, one that will stand out above the rest. Be sure to showcase your best assets and strengths as people are more drawn to profiles that show some positivity. Besides, a person’s assets and strengths can usually attract attention from others. Think about your traits and qualities that people will admire the most.

Opt for a presentable photo

Bisexual women

You will never know who will take a look at your profile. You might pass up your chance of meeting an excellent hookup partner who prefers someone who looks presentable in the photo, so it would be wise to show a picture that doesn’t come off as indecent or flirtatious. You should look neat and show a friendly smile. Avoid wearing lots of accessories, heavy makeup, and too dark or too bright clothes. Make sure that your mustache or beard is trimmed well and looks clean.

Use a new profile name

Your profile name matters. You must have one that sounds very catchy and unique, as that will set yours apart from other profile names. Use something that best resonates with and describes you. It can be something that depicts your adventurous nature, creativity, personality, intellect, job, or whatever you wish to be known for but do not go overboard. The thing is you can invent any profile name as long as it sounds decent.

Write details with the utmost care

Yes. You want to meet a potential bisexual partner who might eventually become your lifetime partner. However, keep in mind that your dating profile is certainly not the right place to tell everything about yourself, especially regarding some critical information. In other words, you have to protect your privacy as well. If you want to share some details about yourself, you may do so but just a little bit to give an idea about yourself, your skills, or preferences.

Make people curious about you

Attractive bisexual avatar

Remember, your dating profile is not your entire biography. It is just the introductory part. Thus, make sure you can introduce yourself in such a way that people are glad they came across your profile and want to get to know you more because they get curious who you are.

Indeed, once you can create an excellent bisexual hookup profile that will catch the attention of your potential partners, you can rest assured that the possibility of meeting your potential bisexual partners is endless! You can then have a good chance of choosing the best among them. Have you learned? After setting up an attractive profile, you can learn how to chat to bisexual members. Come on, you are slowly becoming a dating master.

How to Satisfy Bisexual Women?

bisexual women in bed

When it comes to satisfying women, only a few seem to be able to get it right. The list gets even smaller, and considerably so when it comes to bisexual women.

However, the myths surrounding bisexual women are just that: myths. Bisexual women are no different from any other straight or gay woman, and bisexual hookups are no different from any other connections. The critical thing to remember in bisexual hookups or relationships with bisexual women has more to do with the fact that they’re a woman than their sexuality.

The key to satisfying bisexual women is no only in the bed, but also to be focusing more on the emotional aspect of any relationship. Relationships with bisexual women are no different.

Here are four easy ways that’ll enhance your bisexual hookup/relationship experience and keep your woman satisfied.

Acknowledge the Fact that She’s Bi and Respects It.

Bi invisibility is a huge problem, not only in the mainstream world, but also in the LGBTQ community as well. While the B in LGBTQ stands for Bi, it often remains forgotten and even misunderstood.

If you’re with a bisexual woman, acknowledge that her sexuality is valid and make sure she knows that’s what you think too. However, please don’t overdo it for the bisexual hookup experience.

You don’t only need to acknowledge the validity of her sexuality, and you need to believe it too. Do not tell her that it’s a phase, or assume that she’s straight or gay (depending on whether she’s with a man or a woman). Being with a man will not make a bisexual woman straight, nor will dating a girl make her a lesbian. Regardless of whatever sex group she’s choosing to date, she will remain bisexual. You need to understand and respect this. Please do not contribute to erasing her identity, help her build it.

Build Trust with Your Partner

When you’re dating a bisexual woman, you should not be worried about loyalty. Regardless of her being attracted to multiple genders, if a bisexual woman is with you, that means that she is with you.

It would help if you did not let the fear of her getting attracted overcome you. Do not let jealousy come in the way. Learn to build trust with your bisexual partner, just like you would while dating someone of any other sexuality. Being bisexual does not mean that’ll she’ll cheat on you. Do not let paranoia get in the way and treat this relationship like any other.

Please get to Know Her.

You might be confused about bisexuality, and that’s okay. Asking questions, as long as they’re respectful, is okay. Get to know your partner and understand her sexuality by asking her about her thoughts and experiences. Don’t be rude in asking questions, but that doesn’t mean you should be afraid to ask any. Chances are, she’ll take this as a serious interest and commitment to the relationship from your side.

Treat Her Like a Person; She’s more than Her Sexuality.


Perhaps an essential thing that will lead to a happy relationship is normality. Treat your bisexual partner like a normal woman. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make her feel special; just that bisexuality shouldn’t always have to do with it.

She’s much more than her sexuality. Ask her about her dreams and passions. Could you get to know her as a person? Remember she’s the person you like (or even love), not just a bisexual woman. Satisfy women in any relationship, and this one isn’t any different.

How To Identify Bisexual Hookup Scam

With the rise of social networking and dating sites, more and more bisexuals have joined this big family. At the same time, scammers are also advancing with the times, flooding into dating sites or dating apps. For the masters of dating sites, the tricks of these scammers may not be able to fool them. However, many mentally vulnerable people have become targets of scammers, including the elderly, widowed, single girls, and so on.

Bisexual more likely to be deceived than heterosexual The most crucial reason is that bisexual is attracted to both men and women. In other words, scammers can seduce all users by requiring only a logically rigorous profile on the bisexual hookup website. The second is that bisexual seems to have more sexual desire. Sexual desire can always make people ignore rationality.

In 2019, Scam statistics recorded a fraud amount of $95,650,063. To protect bisexual property and personal safety, we list the characteristics of the following scammers.

1. Seductive profile

Seductive profile

First, scammers often use a lot of beautiful and fascinating photos, and their names are false. In the text of About Me, you will find that the other person’s work is rare in life.

2. Expressing crazy emotions to you

Scammers will share “personal information” with you, including hard work and impressive colleagues. They try to gain your trust in the short term. Every time you share on the app, they will “like” and comment.

3. Seek other contact methods

scammer in skype

To avoid official deletion of the account, scammers will seek out other social contact information, including personal email, Skype, Whatsapp, and Facebook.

4. Can’t face-to-face mobile video chat

Scammer on bisexual hook up site

When you want to develop further relationships through video chat, the other person always rejects you with various excuses. The general reason is that the foreign mobile phone signal is not good; it is not convenient to take a bath. Anyway, you can’t see each other’s actual look.

5. They want to see you, but there is always something going on.

What the online scammers have in common is that they always want to meet with you, but they always cancel their appointments when the time is right.
Their real identity is not what they claim, and it may be a wretched heterosexual behind. Some savvy scammers will also fake tickets so that you are convinced that there is an emergency and you cannot meet.

6. Need your money

A liar may take 2-3 months to become your online companion, and the romantic relationship becomes the basis for them to ask for money from you. Usually, they will seek your financial sponsorship if you are sick and need expensive surgery and can’t afford to travel.

In either case, as long as you encounter it, you need to raise your awareness of prevention. Learning how to identify scammers will make you a smooth ride on the bisexual hookup website.

Teach You How to Chat With Bisexuals Online

Dating sites are becoming more popular and the number of users is increasing with time. Now people, belonging to different ages, join dating sites and enjoy communication and dating with the right person. Especially the people with bisexual interests find it easier to get in touch with their partners via bisexual hookup sites. While using dating sites, how to communicate with members, remains the major question for all users. Here we will guide share few tips as advice for communication with members on dating sites.

1- Do not Say Hi or Hello

Humorous chat

Starting a conversation with Hi or Hello makes it boring and old-fashioned. You need to be attractive and inspiring. Show with your words that you are taking interest in a person’s profile. Have a complete look at the person’s profile before you say something to him/her. Ask something interesting about the person’s profile to attract him towards the long-lasting conversation. For example, if the girl shared a picture with pizza, you can complement like ‘your lipstick colour is beautiful in Pizza Picture. This will let the other person feel being loved and will attract him/her towards the conversation.

2-Make Jolly Conversation

Everyone on dating site is for fun, and no one likes a serious and boring person. You need to show your fun-loving personality and use your humorous skills to impress your dating person. You can use simple knock-knock jokes or anything funny in your conversation.

Chat box with emoticons

3- Don’t Force

Did you message a user and didn’t find any good response from that side? No problem, it usually happens on dating sites. The best thing is to find the right person on dating sites and avoid forcing others to communicate with you or to listen to you. This leaves a very negative impression on your personality.

Do not force

4- Compliment on Their Appearance

Users on dating sites try to appeal their dating partners and that is why it is important to compliment for their appearance. Whatever they are wearing, you need to say something good to them. Use some attractive and appealing words. For example, saying ‘Your red hot lipstick is enough to kill me’ will please your partner. Such compliments help you to start a relationship with the user.

Couple on board

5- Make Sure you are with Right Person

There is a different type of people on dating sites. That is why you need to know that you are with the right person. Do not believe in the person in just one conversation. Make different sessions to know the personality. Also, do not reflect your fake face because your originality is your beauty which will work in the future relationship. Make sure you are not the victim of any spam or criminal. Make a thorough look at the person’s profile before you interact with him/her. Make them feel special and ask more about them in a good and appealing way. Once you completely know the person, ask him/her for the date.

If you are searching for more advice for communicating with members on dating sites, subscribe to our newsletter.